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Interim Management

Whether you call it interim management, management for hire, temporary management or management temps, interim management is all about one thing: Quick access to the right management expertise for an agreed period.

Interim management enables companies to bring in an experienced manager or specialist in only ten days – a sensible alternative to a rushed recruitment process or using consultants.

Interim mangers are hired when a company experiences urgent management needs. This could be when a company undergoes significant changes, when managers go on long-term sick leave, in connection with sale of the business, or when specific project management expertise is required.

While consultants often concentrate on analysis and advice, interim managers focus on operational execution and implementation, supervising employees and being part of the management group.

Value for the customer

An interim leader will have had hands-on experience from similar positions and will quickly provide significant value to the company. Our interim managers are highly qualified professional managers who work to rapidly provide and implement solutions.


Interimleder AS holds a database of more than 2,600 managers who can instantly take up a position for an agreed period. There are a number of reasons why a company may need to hire an interim manager. In just ten days, Interimleder AS can provide you with a highly qualified manager.


Our interim managers are experts in temporary management. They have hands-on experience of similar assignments and will quickly familiarize themselves with the tasks to be performed. In many cases, the interim manager will be favorably over qualified for the assignment. It is also emphasized that interim managers have the ability to fit into different corporate cultures so that they are quickly perceived as part of the team.


Interim managers have no historical or personal links to the organization and will, therefore, take necessary measures in the company’s best interests. Experienced interim managers quickly identify crucial areas that need work without being perceived as a threat to other managers. We often receive feedback from our customers about the benefits of objectivity, especially in connection with change processes.


Interimleder AS is the only company specialized in interim management in Norway. We can deliver a positively overqualified manager to your company in just ten days. Guaranteed.

- Vegard Rooth, CEO