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How we work

In some occasions, full-time employment is not a sensible option. You might not have time to wait for the three to nine months it often takes to recruit a skilled manager – or you might not know what kind of profile you should be looking for. You could redeploy internally, but then you risk spreading resources too thinly.

Companies are increasingly choosing to deploy interim managers in such situations, as stated above. Why? It’s fast, cost-effective, and without risk. An interim manager can attend at a few days notice and terminate the assignment when the company finds it fit.

Interim Managers - Experienced leaders with implementation power

Interim managers are experienced leaders who are operational from day one. They need no, or minimal training and deliver results fast. Considering they enter the organization without career ambitions or political bonds, they can exercise vigor and focus on the assignment they are set to solve. That being filling a critical role as head or line manager, improving performance, developing business, or lead the organization through a merger, crisis or reorganization.

This is how it works

Send us an email or contact one of our advisors. Together we develop a situation- and needs description by which we define the assignment. In short, we will find the most qualified and relevant candidates based on our database of over 2,600 interim managers and conduct interviews together with you. As members of Globalise we also have access to over 30,000 interim managers on a global basis. Once you have chosen a fit candidate and the agreement is signed, we will do follow-ups throughout the entire hire-periode to ensure quality and that all parties are satisfied.