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Would you like to be an Interim Manager?

Would You Like To Be an Interim Manager?

Are you ready to embark upon one of the most exciting and challenging career paths there is? As an interim manager, you are hired temporarily to carry out specific assignments within a company. If you are an experienced manager with documented results, we would like to speak with you.

Since 2001, InterimLeder AS have been delivering hundreds of senior-, intermediate- and project managers to both Norwegian and international business sectors. The demand is growing rapidly – much because the speed and momentum of change in the industry are accelerating, but also because interim management is becoming increasingly known as a management tool. As Norway’s leading operator in interim management, we get the most exciting assignments.

Greater flexibility

As an interim manager, you have more flexibility than what you would have as a permanent employee. Even though there may be busy days during the period for which you are hired, the financial compensation for the assignments you carry out will be worth it.

Valuable experience

We can guarantee the assignments will be challenging and extremely varied. Not only will it look good on your CV, but also provide you with new experiences and a greater network which can be useful for future assignments.

Details about working with Interimleder AS

Hired as an interim manager, you will enter a management position for an agreed period, with all the authority required for the position. This is how the process takes place:

Initial contact

If you decide to get in touch, we ask that you send your CV in Word format to be assessed. If you are taken on as an interim manager, you will be added to our database. All interim managers are interviewed in connection with specific assignments for which they have relevant experience.

Advertising of Assignments

As an interim leader in our database, you will receive an e-mail every time we advertise new assignments. If you are available, have experience from similar assignments, and consider yourself qualified for the task, you submit an application to the relevant relationship manager at InterimLeder AS.

The client will be confidential to all applicants until an NDA (confidentiality form) has been signed. This is a standard procedure to ensure the client’s need for confidentiality.

Conditions of Agreement

All our interim managers establish their own company with which InterimLeder AS sign an agreement. We then sign a contract with the customer on your behalf. All agreements are completely transparent. You and InterimLeder AS negotiate a fee based on what the market is willing to pay for your service. Finally, the customer’s price is based on your compensation with a mark-up from us.

Over the last two decades, we have supplied hundreds of senior-, intermediate-, and project managers to Norwegian and international businesses, including many renowned companies.