Silke Holen

Administration Manager

Silke Holen (born 1966) founded InterimLeder AS in 2001 together with Sverre Holen.

She has held a number of roles in the company, ranging from project manager to Managing Director and currently serves as an executive member of the board and is one of the two main shareholders of the company.

Originally hailing from Germany, she has experience of the temping and recruitment industry in Germany, having been head of department for Anders Personal GmbH from 1999-2001, now Unique Personalservice GmbH.

During the course of her career she has also been trained in and has extensive experience of the transport and logistics industry, from amongst others Gebr. Mônkemöller Gmbh & Co, now known as Kühne & Nagel Group. Silke has worked in a number areas ranging from customer services, administration, quality management, import and export, sales and project management to business development.

Outside of work Silke enjoys spending time with her son who was born in 2009.