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Interim CMO




What is an interim CMO?

An interim CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a temporary leader of the marketing function in a business. As a key part of the leadership team, they are responsible for leading the marketing department and developing and implementing marketing strategies to drive growth and increase customer satisfaction.

As a CMO, they are in charge of marketing planning, brand building, campaigns, marketing analysis, digital strategies, and customer communication. An interim CMO is an experienced leader who can quickly step in and bring valuable expertise to the marketing team.

Whether there is a need to strengthen the marketing department, restructure the marketing strategy, launch new products, or address a marketing challenge, an experienced interim CMO can be a profitable investment.

Our clients often seek interim CMOs with strong strategic skills, deep market insights, digital competence, and experience in driving growth and market development. Their role is to create marketing value through effective strategies and initiatives, and to support the organization in achieving its marketing goals.


When and why to hire an interim CMO?

  1. Marketing Strategy Overhaul: During times of significant changes in marketing strategy, an interim CMO brings fresh perspective and expertise to revamp marketing initiatives and drive growth.
  2. Product Launches: Interim CMOs excel in developing and implementing successful product launch strategies, ensuring effective positioning, targeting, and messaging.
  3. Market Expansion: When entering new markets or expanding geographically, an interim CMO can provide market analysis, consumer insights, and localization strategies.
  4. Brand Development: Interim CMOs help build and strengthen brand identity, develop brand positioning, and enhance brand reputation through effective marketing campaigns.
  5. Digital Marketing Transformation: They lead digital marketing efforts, optimizing online presence, leveraging social media, and implementing data-driven marketing strategies.
  6. Interim Leadership Gap: When organizations are searching for a permanent CMO, an interim CMO bridges the leadership gap, ensuring marketing functions continue smoothly.

Hiring an interim CMO provides organizations with specialized marketing expertise, strategic guidance, and effective execution of marketing initiatives. They enhance brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and contribute to overall business success.


How do we find the best interim CMO candidate for you?

We have perfected our method over more than 20 years and built a network of over 3000 experienced leaders, with a global reach of 60,000 interim leaders. Our primary strength as an interim service provider is understanding, evaluating, and finding solutions while continuously following up on the business. We also assess the effectiveness of the interim assignment for 2-3 years after completion. When you reach out to solve your leadership challenge, we follow this process:

  1. Together with you, we define the assignment and set the objectives for the assignment period.
  2. We advertise the assignment to our interim leaders, screen the best applicants, and send them to you anonymously.
  3. Together with you, we select candidates for interviews and conduct them (all candidates are quality assured before the interview).
  4. You choose your preferred interim leader.
  5. The interim leader begins the assignment!

We provide ongoing support and follow-up for both you and the interim leader throughout the assignment.



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