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Interim CIO




                                                                  What is an interim CIO?

An interim CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a temporary leader of the IT function in an organization. As a key part of the management team, they are responsible for leading the IT department and ensuring effective use of information technology in the organization.

As a CIO, they are accountable for strategic planning, technological innovation, IT infrastructure, security, project management, and digital transformation. An interim CIO is an experienced leader who can step in at short notice and provide valuable expertise in IT management.

Whether there is a need to strengthen the IT department, implement technological changes, optimize IT processes, or address a crisis situation, an experienced interim CIO can be a profitable investment.

Our clients often seek interim CIOs with strong strategic abilities, technological insights, project management expertise, and experience in driving digital transformations. Their role is to create business value through effective utilization of information technology and to engage and support the organization through change processes.


                                                       When and why to hire an interim CIO?

  1. Technology Transitions: During times of sudden IT leadership departures or planned technology transitions, an interim CIO ensures continuity and smooth functioning of IT operations.
  2. Digital Transformation: Interim CIOs bring expertise in digital strategies, technology innovation, and implementation of digital initiatives to drive organizational transformation.
  3. Project Management: They lead complex IT projects, ensuring effective resource allocation, project delivery, and risk management.
  4. IT Strategy Development: Interim CIOs assess IT capabilities, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop IT strategies aligned with business goals.
  5. Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation: They address IT security risks, implement robust cybersecurity measures, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  6. Stakeholder Collaboration: Interim CIOs work closely with business leaders, IT teams, and external vendors to align technology initiatives with business objectives.

Hiring an interim CIO provides organizations with experienced IT leadership, strategic guidance, and efficient technology management. They drive innovation, leverage emerging technologies, and enable organizations to stay competitive in the digital era.


                                     How do we find the best interim CIO candidate for you?

We have perfected our method over more than 20 years and built a network of over 3000 experienced leaders, with a global reach of 60,000 interim leaders. Our primary strength as an interim service provider is understanding, evaluating, and finding solutions while continuously following up on the business. We also assess the effectiveness of the interim assignment for 2-3 years after completion. When you reach out to solve your leadership challenge, we follow this process:

  1. Together with you, we define the assignment and set the objectives for the assignment period.
  2. We advertise the assignment to our interim leaders, screen the best applicants, and send them to you anonymously.
  3. Together with you, we select candidates for interviews and conduct them (all candidates are quality assured before the interview).
  4. You choose your preferred interim leader.
  5. The interim leader begins the assignment!

We provide ongoing support and follow-up for both you and the interim leader throughout the assignment.



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