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Jon Sivert Nielsen (b. 1951) is a Senior Advisor in the company.

He has a long and broad experience as a top executive in large and medium-sized companies. During his 22 years in the former Kvaerner Group, Jon Sivert was for several years CEO of several large operative subsidiaries doing sales and production in Asia, Europe and America and delivering technology in oil and gas, renewable energy, ship equipment, fishing technology etc. He has also been CEO of Norconsult, Norway's largest consulting engineering company.

Jon Sivert has held several positions of trust within the NHO system and is well acquainted with the structures of Norwegian working life.

He has also been a partner/managing partner in the consulting company Norscan Partners. During this period, Jon Sivert has completed various strategy assignments with assistance in buying and selling companies. He has been interim manager as CEO, including Blom ASA, JGO Betong AS, Telenor-owned Otrum AS, Oras AS and Frisk Utvikling. Jon Sivert has thus gained broad experience from various industries. Most of the companies have had geographically dispersed activities. Jon Sivert has experience in both on-site and remote management. A significant part of his role as a top executive has involved implementing and leading restructuring processes of various kinds. At the other end of the scale is the time as CEO of Frisk Utvikling, which involved the start-up and construction of a new company within health and care.

Jon Sivert holds a master's degree in engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a master's degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH).