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Selling the company - Exit Planning

A unique concept from InterimLeder AS, developed in partnership with experienced executives who have carried out company sales before – for you who wants the best price and a good gut feeling when selling your own company.

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admin 12/16/2014

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A unique concept from a unique partner

admin 12/16/2014

Norway's largest database of more than 2 000 interim managers ensures that you get an interim manager who is fully qualified to join your company and deliver value from day one. InterimLeder has provided several hundred senior executives to Norwegian businesses since its inception in 2001. 

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Help to get started or a project manager?

admin 12/16/2014

After the health check you may choose whether you want to hire a professional interim manager who can assist you in the entire improvement process through the next stages.

The choice is yours! 

admin 12/16/2014

Get the price you deserve

The first stage is a “health check” that reveals the company's potential for improvement. Our method ensures that you avoid potential pitfalls in relation to a due diligence process from a potential buyer, where a valuation of your company is carried out.

The health check is the foundation to secure the company's value.

admin 12/16/2014

Exit Planning is a process that brings forward the value in your company

Exit Planning is a proven process in four stages, where you may obtain assistance in everything from assessing the company's strong and weak points to implementing changes and everything related to selling the company and transitioning to a new owner. 

Why plan your exit now?

admin 12/16/2014

All business owners have to consider an exit sooner or later.
Either you want to sell the company, transfer it to a new generation or set up a partnership with others, it is important to plan in good time before the time of sale in order to ensure a good price and a secure process.

InterimLeder AS has developed a proven concept that starts from one to three years before the time of sale.

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