– We had no idea that Interimleder AS had these kinds of candidates!

When Annika Hoffner, CEO of Recharge, needed to strengthen the commercial team with a Key Account Manager and Business Developer, she wasn't sure if this was something Interimleder AS could offer them. Her doubts were quickly laid to rest.

A senior sales manager to assist in scaling the business

– When Recharge separated from Fortum and was re-establishing as an independent company, we contacted Interimleder as we were searching for C-level executives. This time we weren’t looking for executives, but a leadership role in sales. Someone with solid experience and capacity, who also could start quickly. Imagine my excitement when Narve Karlsen, senior adviser at Interimleder, informed us that Interimleder could offer that as well, Hoffner says.

Senior adviser in Interimleder, Narve Karlsen, immediately began the process of finding the perfect candidate. After initial talks and clarifications around needs, it became apparent that the role would require candidates who would ­­– not only step in and 'do the job' – but someone who could add speed and assist in scaling the company.

Top-notch candidates in a matter of days

Hoffner was immediately impressed by the process.

– In many ways it´s very similar to a regular recruitment process, only much faster, and the candidates were undoubtedly of the highest level.

After a few days, several candidates were lined up, who were then interviewed and shortlisted. Hoffner picked two for further interviews. The choice quickly fell on Arne Saugstad.

As a commercially oriented and practical senior leader – with over 20 years of international and national management experience from business development and sales in telecoms/IT and the energy sectors, among others – Saugstad quickly gained momentum in Recharge.

– Arne matched our needs the best, both because of his specific experience as a senior sales manager in addition to an operational background where he has helped build businesses lacking frameworks, Hoffner states.

– A fearless approach only a leader with substantial experience holds

Due to Covid-19, Saugstad had to start the interim position from his home office – just before the summer holidays as well. Nevertheless, Hoffner can happily say that he was able to fit in nicely right from the start and has contributed actively ever since with constructive proposals and a fearless approach only a leader with substantial experience holds.

– Arne has worked closely with our partners, and has, among other things, taken ownership of one of our most important strategic partners, ensuring continued growth within the Norwegian network.

A unique opportunity to learn from the very best in the EV market

Interim manager Arne Saugstad had no doubt that this assignment was right up his alley.

– When I was presented with the assignment at Recharge, I quickly realized that this was an exciting and relatively young technology company growing within a dynamic industry. As I have been involved with several technology companies in relevant industries, I was confident that it would be a good match between what I can offer and what the assignment entailed, Saugstad says, adding:

– Recharge is a great place to work and very welcoming, with a lot of dedicated people. It´s been particularly insightful to be able to work side by side with Gøran Vollan himself – one of Norway's, if not the world's most experienced in the development of EV charging stations – and take in as much of his knowledge as possible before he retires.

About Recharge AS:

  • Recharge is a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry and has been operating public charging networks under the Fortum Charge&Drive brand since 2011.
  • Owners: Infracapital and Fortum.
  • A Nordic market leader with offices in Sarpsborg, Stockholm and Espoo.
  • Recharge owns more than 1,600 publicly available chargers and operates an additional 1,000+ EV chargers in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Situation and challenge:

  • Recharge was established as an independent company in 2020.
  • In the spring of 2021, the company needed to strengthen the commercial team with experience and capacity.
  • A key role in the company would also retire during the year.
  • It was important for Recharge to quickly acquire the necessary resources for a rapidly growing company.

Solution and results:

  • Hire an interim Partnership Account Manager and Business Developer with experience as a senior sales manager and of scaling businesses.
  • The interim manager quickly established strong relationships with strategic partners.
  • The company ensured continued growth in the Norwegian network.

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