Client case study: Trenor Dører AS

When the board of directors of Trenor Dører AS required a new assistant general manager, they got in touch with InterimLeder AS and were quickly joined by the interim manager Jan Samuelsson (pictured). He soon took over as the CEO and did an incredible job before moving on to the next assignment. Read board member Frithjof Plahte's testimonial here.

Jan has done an incredible job here. He came in to assist the Managing Director but after a while he took on the responsibility as the Chief Executive Officer. He filled both roles in an excellent manner. Jan is a powerful person. He has an immense ability to gain an overview of new situations and issues. He identifies weaknesses and possibilities and has shown great ability in planning and predicting the consequences of his actions and, following assessments, he will invest the effort necessary to conduct planned implementation of changes.

He is impatient if things do not go to plan and seeks to make up for lost time as quickly as possible. He has been great at getting employees involved with the changes to the organisation, the staffing situation and the at times radical changes to work tasks and responsibilities and he has generated a sense of understanding for the necessity of improved utilisation of resources.

As far as I can tell he is trusted and respected by employees despite having had to take serious action in relation to certain individuals. Jan is experienced, clear and courageous and has extensive expertise, technically and as a manager, and he excels at strategic thinking. There are some differences between Swedish and Norwegian business culture and he has managed to navigate the waters wisely. His background might have made him a more demanding manager than we are used to here but his ability to gain understanding of the necessity for changes means that he has become accepted and has been successful as far as I can tell.

Jan has been loyal to the board's decisions and requests and has acted properly in all situations. He has great integrity. Jan and I have developed a very open and trusting relationship. I greatly appreciate his efforts for the company and I value him highly as a person. I, and many others here, will miss him when he leaves us soon.


Board member Frithjof Plahtes

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