Go-Ahead Norway: How an Interim CFO Contributed to Their Survival

Born amidst the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic, the private train company Go-Ahead faced a significant challenge. After two intense years of operation, they were confronted with the crisis of saving the company within a tight timeframe of six months during Christmas of 2021, all while they lacked a key leadership role – a CFO.

Two interim managers take Skogluft (Forest Air) out into the world

When the Norwegian start-up company Skogluft needed a new CEO, they chose management for hire over permanent employment. – I honestly didn't believe such capacities existed for a small company like us, says founder and board member Jørn Viumdal.

From loss to profit in under three months with an interim CFO in place

Things can get dramatic when the finance manager suddenly resigns, especially if you are owned by a private equity company with a relentless approach to reporting. That was the case when Skovly-Gruppen, in the autumn of 2021, found themselves with a deficit of 14 million pending. The rescue became an interim manager who ensured order in the numbers, fresh capital, and profit during the first months of 2022.

How Biotec BetaGlucans AS acquired an experienced interim manager within one week

When one of the company's key personnel had to be replaced suddenly, Biotec BetaGlucans AS in Tromsø urgently needed an experienced manager who could quickly take over the helm. Michael Vinge from the parent company Lallemand was sitting in Denmark investigating the interim management market in Norway. The choice quickly fell on Interimleder AS.

Presto with an ambitious growth plan - both organically, via acquisitions and digitization

In 2021, Presto Brannteknikk faced a strategic change within the company. As the Nordic region's leader in the field of fire safety, the time had come to merge the company's subsidiaries under one umbrella. This simultaneously as they rolled out an ambitious digital transformation plan.

How an interim manager from the fast-food industry became crucial for OneMed's supply chain

With large volumes in stock, OneMed AS – Norway's biggest supplier of medical health supplies to the Norwegian health service – had plenty of capacity. But when Covid-19 struck, the logistics department was pushed to the extreme. Read how an interim manager from the fast-food industry became an important part of the solution.

– We had no idea that Interimleder AS had these kinds of candidates!

When Annika Hoffner, CEO of Recharge, needed to strengthen the commercial team with a Key Account Manager and Business Developer, she wasn't sure if this was something Interimleder AS could offer them. Her doubts were quickly laid to rest.

Improved financial predictability with Helene B. Francke as interim CFO at Nutrimar

When Frode Sandmark, Chief Investment Officer at Kverva, decided to hire an interim CFO for Nutrimar – the Frøya-based producer of fresh salmon oil, salmon flour and hydrolyzed protein concentrate of salmon by-products, he was actually an interim CEO himself. At Nutrimar, that is.

From keen observer to satisfied customer

What happens when a business manager without legal expertise is hired to lead a bunch of professionals whose field of expertise is to argue and advocate their opinion? The law firm Ræder suddenly found itself without a general manager and made the unconventional choice of hiring an interim manager. Here the chairman of the board at the time recaptures the proceedings.

Opened two restaurants and established a new sales channel during the corona crisis

Scaling a successful restaurant concept into a chain is a demanding feat. All the more so when a "black swan" like the coronavirus hits your industry. When Villa Paradiso needed an interim CEO to restructure the company, the choice fell on Christine Schie. Neither party has regretted it.

A new driving force for Jøtul in the corona crisis

When Jøtul's planning manager resigned at short notice during the corona shutdown, the solution was just a quick phone call away, says Jøtul's CEO, Nils Agnar Brunborg. Soon after, interim manager Karl Johan Svendsen was in place.

Feiring brought in interim manager to establish new purchasing function

Since the 1960s, the family-owned industrial group Feiring AS has delivered several hundred million tonnes of crushed stone, gravel, and asphalt and received tens of millions of tonnes of excavated material. Every year, they buy goods for half a billion Norwegian kroner, but they have not had a professional purchasing function – until now.

- The interim leader took our finance department to a new level

When Reisegiganten needed a new CFO in the autumn of 2019, they brought in an interim manager while running a permanent hire recruitment process. It has proven to be a good investment.

The interim manager delivered from day one

As district manager of Eltel Networks, Lars Andre Hjellødegård contributes to people in Eastern Norway having access to critical infrastructures such as fiber and mobile coverage. When he needed a new department head, interim management was his first choice.

– I don't know where we would have been without an interim manager

When the Chairman of the Board of Drøbak Laundry, Lars Tomasgaard, learned that the company would be left without a CEO in six weeks, hiring an interim manager was the first thought that came to mind. It proved to be quicker and less expensive than he had expected.

Veidrift strengthens management team with new Deputy CEO

In the summer of 2018, CEO Frank Stabu saw the need to strengthen the expertise and capacity of the company's management team. In August an interim Deputy CEO was in place. - I have not regretted that decision, says Frank Stabu.

EXP Group brought in interim CEO in a matter of days

EXP Group owns and operates a portfolio of companies that provide services and technology solutions to the real estate industry. Through Katapult, EXP Group also invests in startups that use cutting-edge technology to solve environmental and social problems. When chair Anders H. Lier needed an interim leader for one of his companies, he knew who to call.

Interim CEO boosted company

When Geir Andersen needed relief in the day-to-day management of the company he founded, his choice fell on Interimleder AS. - After about two weeks, we had a new CEO in place. Since then, he has professionalized the company and given us a real boost, says the satisfied entrepreneur, who has now sold the company to a bigger group.

In this senior management team, two out of six are interim managers

In Fazer Food Services’ Norwegian senior management team, two out of six are interim managers. – It provides us with flexibility in a demanding transition phase, says CEO Per Christensen. He leads the newly acquired company that is awaiting competition approval.

Without a CFO when the market exploded

As one of the pioneers within maritime SO2-cleaning systems, Clean Marine had for many years, waited for a new “International Maritime Organisation (IMO) emissions regulation” directive, which would demand ships to limit their sulphur oxide emissions. In 2016 the market was informed that the regulations would take effect from 2020, but the market did not react until spring 2018. Then it exploded!

He builds a Barco Fredrikstad for the future

After a long career with management and missions in about every region of the world, Lars Lemhag considered retirement. But the longing of a day filled with people and business was just too strong. Last autumn he took on the job leading Barco Fredrikstad through a demanding reorganisation process.

Wallmans Salonger Oslo: The Show Must Go On!

The talkshow host David Letterman once said,” There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting”. However showbiz also needs accountants – and when the new CEO in Wallmans Salonger in Oslo, Cecilie Trøan Kjelsaas, needed to establish an efficient and experienced accounting function quickly, interim management was the only real alternative.

VITA beauty and wellbeing chain: the right stock at the right time - with the right expertise

3500 item lines. 220 shops having the optimal assortment on the shelves, and products on campaign. This defines VITA´s transformation concerning stock inventory and supply chain management. A complicated puzzle, whereby an interim leader with expertise in Supply Chain Management is an important and strategic piece of the puzzle.

Nobody will be left waiting at the bus stop

Ole S. Edvardsen likes to be a manager, and best thing about the job of interim manager is the people. During his management of OmniService AS, managers and employees will help ensure that the buses will be operational as agreed.

Needed - a manager who can set the standard

Lemminkäinen Norge is one of the country's leading suppliers of asphalt, crushed stone, gravel and civil engineering services. When managing director Jan Øyri needed to find a manager to improve the profitability of one of the company's departments, he definitely looked for someone who had "turned stones" before - but he was not fussed about knowledge of the industry.

Interim management at ABAX: Fasten your seatbelt!

ABAX is a growth company that operates at an extremely high speed and, apparently, has its own success-oriented GPS to navigate businesses. But even in a distinctly digital company like ABAX, the most important components of all are analogue: the people who work there.

Growing construction company brings in interim project manager

Construction company Brunbjørn has grown rapidly since its inception just three years ago. From NOK 5.7 million in its first year of operations to NOK 50 million in 2015. When the company experienced an immediate need to increase its project management capacity, interim management was a natural choice.

Had no time to wait for the recruitment process

When Wenaas Workwear AS needed a new senior controller, CFO Christian Otterbech couldn’t wait for a months-long recruitment process. He found the candidate he needed in a couple of weeks, via InterimLeder.

The interim manager turned red figures black and became CEO

When the management of Selecta hired in Lars Furu as interim manager, his task was to change the company’s financial situation. Nine months later, a great deal has already been done, and Furu is now permanently employed as CEO of the company, which is one of Europe’s leaders in coffee solutions.

Fast-growing tech company bought time with interim manager

NEO Monitors is an exciting Norwegian technology company that supplies laser-based gas and dust monitors to large industrial companies. Under the leadership of Ketil Gorm Paulsen, the company has seen a growth in turnover from NOK 70 million to NOK 140 million in the past five years, with a growth of 30% in 2014. In order to ensure quality in a high growth phase, they hired an interim manager.

Aiming to be Europe’s biggest with the aid of an interim manager

The CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center, Stian Fuglset, has some big, hairy audacious goals for the company. This conference hotel is to become the biggest in Europe and sales are to more than double. To formulate the strategy, he brought in an interim manager. And it proved to be a profitable investment.

Interim management left Caverion wanting more

Caverion had no tradition of using interim management but when the need for a temporary manager arose, the CEO, Knut Gaaserud, decided to give it a try. The experience was positive for the company and they are now considering hiring more interim managers.

Exciting technology company hires interim Sales Director

Hiddn is an exciting Norwegian technology company specialising in mobile device encryption. When the company's CEO, Gudmundur Einarsson, wanted to accelerate sales the choice was to go for an Interim Manager.

Interim management can provide SMBs with huge benefits

The new CEO of Widerøe, Stein Nilsen, has managed some of Norway's largest organisations. He believes that small and medium-sized companies have few good interim management alternatives available when they require an experienced manager at short notice.

Interim management - the only option for Mesta

When Mesta experienced an urgent need to fill its CFO role, interim management was the only option they considered, explains Economy and Finance Director Kristian E. Just (left).

Uncommon technological expertise delivered in just a few days

What do you do when a manager with unusual specialist expertise hands in his notice just before the summer holidays? One of the Board members of Polarn O. Pyret Norge resorted to what he believed was the best tool for dealing with emergency situations, in other words, interim management. So not only did he manage to save the holidays, he also saved the company's operations.  

Hired in an interim CFO to gain control of the economy

SF Kino is a company that is in the news. Recently, Ivar Halstvedt, the company’s CEO launched plans to build Oslo's largest cinema complex with its own IMAX auditorium. But mergers and acquisitions make their demands, and having used consultants without any particular success, he hired in an interim manager.

HR ordeal on Svalbard when three key people resigned at the same time

Being responsible for ensuring that the new Lunckefjell mine on Svalbard is ready for operation in March 2015 means being capable of handling numerous challenges. But what do you do when three of the most important people in the project resign, all at the same time?

Enhance the sales culture by using interim management

When the consultancy Steenberg & Plahte AS wanted to build a stronger sales culture without hiring a permanent salesperson, they chose to use interim management. "It is without doubt the most flexible alternative to permanent employment or consultancy," says partner and co-owner Erik Steenberg.

Things happen quickly when there is an urgent need for management

"You cannot brood if you want to succeed as an interim manager," says Liv Hukset Wang. On the Friday before Christmas she turned up for an interview at 9 o'clock in the morning. Eight hours later she had been appointed interim manager at Human-Etisk Forbund (the Norwegian Humanist Association). Things move quickly on both sides of the table when there is an urgent need for management.

When key personnel suddenly disappear

As the HR director of EMEA in the French industrial group Alstom, Hedda Fjeld Ferrington has a wide range of responsibilities. When two key people left the HR department at the same time in August 2012, the solution was interim management.

- How soon would an interim manager be able to start?

This is a question we are often asked. The answer is: "Sooner than you think!" Someone who recently had the chance to experience this is the CEO of IV Group, Arnaud Houllemare.

Oras enhances the management of major projects using interim managers

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources at the construction company Oras AS, Sigurd Gangnæs is responsible for 900 employees in Norway. In an industry characterised by time pressure there is added security in having interim management as one of the options in the HR toolbox.

Interim management solved the bank's management needs

When the bank's IT director went on long-term sick leave, the recently employed Chief Legal Officer Eivind Sverdrup had to quickly consider the options.

Confessions of an interim manager

It was a beautiful spring day in 2011 when Gisle Bakken received an exciting telephone call from a large Chinese telecommunications company that required his help. This would turn out to be the start of an interim management existence which gave him a taste for more.

Maintain momentum with an interim manager

When the company needs an experienced and skilled "doer" who can start immediately, the CEO of Elite Foto, Helge Lindalen, is certain of the solution.

- The exciting part happens before ordinary operations begin

Aksel Kverneland has found his career path as an interim manager. After twelve years he can look back on sixteen completed assignments. The majority of his time is currently spent on capacity expansions at Q-Meieriene.

Client case study: Trenor Dører AS

When the board of directors of Trenor Dører AS required a new assistant general manager, they got in touch with InterimLeder AS and were quickly joined by the interim manager Jan Samuelsson (pictured). He soon took over as the CEO and did an incredible job before moving on to the next assignment. Read board member Frithjof Plahte's testimonial here.