Two senior advisors join the team at Interimleder AS

2019 started with an all-time record of customer enquiries for interim leaders, coinciding with the engagement of two new senior advisors, Geir Erik Lian and Petter Quinsgaard.

Geir Erik Lian

Geir Erik Lian (bd. 1962) started his career in sales at Hewlett Packard, after which he has held a number of sales- and leadership roles in the IT industry. Geir Erik has been at the helm of several companies as Country Manager for Lenovo Norway, CEO for e-Boks Norway AS and CEO for Alternative Data AS. When Geir Erik was asked about why he chose to start in Interimleder, his reply was:

- It will be exciting to help customers with acute leadership needs, and the way Interimleder AS is working makes me confident that we can deliver on our promise. It is also impressive to see the broad experience and competence in the pool of Interim leaders, and I am looking forward to connecting this competence with the needs of our customers, says Geir Erik.

Petter Quinsgaard

Petter Quinsgaard (bd. 1963) holds a Master in commerce and comes directly to Interimleder AS from the position as CEO in Abax AS. Petter started Abax with 3 others in 2003, after which they sold, with a total of 400 employees and a turnover of 500 mill NOK. He is still connected to Abax, now in the role as Chairman of the board. Past experience covers two decades in the car industry, among other Sales and Marketing Manager in BMW Norway. When Petter was asked about why he chose to start in Interimleder, his reply was:

- Now that I am “grown up”, I wanted a change of scenery, especially to an area I feel I can contribute. During the last years I have hired Interim leaders many times, and I believe the interim model is immature, but growing. Changes in businesses are greater and happen faster than ever before, and Interimleder AS can offer specific competencies, especially in change management, for many critical situations. This is a demanded leader competence we can deliver.

Geir Erik commenced in Interimleder AS on the 23rd of January, Petter on the 18th of February.