Stig Herbern is the new chairman of the board of InterimLeder

With founder and investor Stig Herbern on board as the new chairman, InterimLeder has put together a robust board structure.

"I whole-heartedly believe in interim management as a concept as the speed and momentum of change in the international business sector are increasingly demanding quick access to this type of expertise. I am therefore thrilled to be able to contribute my experiences and my network to the executive management of InterimLeder AS," Stig Herbern explains.

Extensive experience

Stig Herbern has an impressive track record as a manager. From Country Manager at the Coca-Cola Company in the 80s to CEO of Telenor Mobil and Ventelo he has added value and vision to a number of companies, often during difficult periods. He serves a chairman of the board for some of these companies to this day and is a board member of several other companies.

In 2012 he became a member of the board of InterimLeder AS together with Ulf Richard Deinoff and Vegard Rooth and in summer 2013 he took over as chairman from the founder Sverre Holen, who wanted to professionalise the board and take on a different role in the company, as Managing Director.

Consultants do not integrate into a normal line structure

Herbern has been an interim manager himself and has hired a number of interim managers during his management career. To him, interim management is the only real option when companies have an urgent need to fill an expertise gap, make a turnaround or when a strong, experienced individual is needed to manage a project.

"Traditionally, consultants have been used. But a consultant does not integrate into a normal line structure. An interim manager does. During the assignment phase the interim manager will be fully focused on the company and can contribute expertise that cannot be found internally," Herbern reflects.

Increasing demand for interim management

In spite of Norway traditionally having had a culture of long employment, including for management, Herbern believes that we will see an increased tendency for using interim management.

"With the current dynamics of the international business sector, the Norwegian market will also require a pool of resources from which it can draw. The purpose of interim management is to link exceptionally skilled individuals, working as self-employed people, to the market and InterimLeder AS is the only Norwegian specialist in this field," Herbern says.

International expertise in Norwegian companies

Stig Herbern would also like to supply international expertise to Norwegian companies and aims to get rid of the so-called "network trap":

"We would like to be able to offer a greater level of international expertise to the Norwegian business sector. Traditionally it is often the case that the board will draw on their own, local networks during management changes as time is tight. InterimLeder's professional and proven selection process provides the same board with access to a much better and broader base of expertise, with managers who can get started in just two weeks. This is where InterimLeder AS' great strength lies," Stig Herbern concludes.


Stig Herbern (born 1956) is a founder and investor with extensive experience of the IT and telecommunications industry. He serves as the chairman of the board of Norden Realkapital AS, FairChance Group AS and Medianodes AS. He is also a board member of Ventelo AS, CrudeCorp ASA, Folkia AS, Socialboards AS, Human Element Norway AS and Herbern Marina AS. In addition he has held a number of board positions for companies including NRK, Telenor International and several companies in the TMT sector, listed and unlisted on the stock exchange. He has previously held office as the CEO of Ventelo AS, has been a senior partner at Credo Partners, CEO of Telenor Mobil and Telenor Media. Stig was the President of the Norwegian Business School BI in Oslo from 1987 to 1991 and held a number of management positions in the Coca-Cola Company between 1983 and 1986. He holds a degree in business administration from the Norwegian Business School BI in Oslo and a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University.