Seminar for interim managers, 13 March 2015

Our interim managers are a major asset for both ourselves and our clients. Without Norway's most skilful interim managers, we would not have succeeded. On 13 March, we held a seminar for about 30 of our interim managers.

We have leased out hundreds of interim managers during the 14 years that we have worked with interim management. So far we can honestly say that this has been a success – a success that first and foremost has been achieved thanks to our skilful, experienced interim managers, who do an excellent job working with our clients.

This is the case if there is a turn-around, in order to fill a position for a period of time (gap management) or project management. In addition, we have developed a concept in the past year for Exit Planning. Regardless of the type of assignment – interim managers must deliver – every time.

Therefore, it is important for us to have good contact with our interim managers (who number over 1,400), both in order to get to know the people we hire out as well as possible and not least because the interim managers who are out gaining practical experience can give us good input.

30 interim managers at a seminar

On Friday, 13 March, we held a seminar and workshop in which over 30 interim managers participated.

The seminar reviewed the experiences with being hired out as an interim manager, the ways in which companies can derive great benefits from using interim managers and last but not least the ways in which our processes work. In addition, we had a very interesting lecture by Hennig Vold of Norvestor, as a representative for a client group that is of interest to us and that also has a need for interim manager services.

The last part of the seminar was a combination lunch and workshop. We had good discussions there, and we received important feedback from the interim managers, both about what is important in order to succeed in an interim manager assignment and not least what we in the administration can do even better for the interim managers.

We are quite sure that these gatherings make us better, and that is something that benefits our clients in turn.