InterimLeder AS has a unique opportunity for companies that are planning a change of ownership

Over the next ten years Norwegian SME companies will experience 50,000 changes of ownership. Change of ownership is a very important process and it is often a "life's work" that is coming to an end How can this be done in a way which maximises profits whilst providing tax advantages and also being legally correct?

This week, InterimLeder AS held a workshop with 35 of our experienced managers who have all been involved in the execution of changes of ownership. The result is that InterimLeder AS can now provide the market with a total concept relating to changes of ownership.

Database of 1400 managers

InterimLeder AS has a database of more than 1400 experienced managers with operational experience from a wide range of industries, company sizes and disciplines. This database makes us the leading provider within interim management and we will continue to develop partnerships in various areas such as legal, M&A, taxation, etc. This allows us to be a total supplier who can assist owners with the entire process.

From analysis to completion of the sale - we can help

When you are selling a company the most crucial phase takes place before the actual sale happens. Such a process should often begin 2-3 years before the actual sale takes place. We can provide interim managers who will assist the current owner during all phases, from early analysis through operations in which the company is preparing for the sale to the actual implementation of the sale.

The right person in the right place

Our extensive database of interim managers leaves you safe in the knowledge that we can provide an interim manager with the correct background for your company.