Interimleder AS ads 2 new senior advisers after explosive growth

The last few months we’ve seen an explosive growth, not only here at Interimleder, but also in within Interim management in general. In other words, it seems to be exactly as Henning Vold, partner in Norvestor, anticipated August of 2021; the job market of the future is temporary - everything is interim. And with that, we’re strengthening our team, in an excellent way if we may say so ourselves, with two strong senior advisers: Heidi Hoftaniska and Johan Baklund.

Heidi Hoftaniska

Heidi Hoftaniska– a certified public accountant at NHH – has worked in small and large companies, both national and international.

She quickly forms a clear image of new projects and companies, while homing in on the people and the interpersonal within the company. This can be attributed to a long career in auditing, but also due to experience from recruitment and HR.

– I genuinely love people, both professionally and privately, and believe it is important to be humble and familiar with the culture and the existing relationships in the organization that reports a need.

She herself has been both manager and interim manager, and notes that the auditing and mapping of organizations have many features in common with having to match interim managers with companies.

– As an accountant, you have to get to know organizations – quickly. Not only to get a description of the situation, but also an understanding of the culture and what sparks the need, she explains.

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Johan Baklund

Johan Baklund holds a background of 27 years as a top manager for market-leading Nordic retail chains such as ICA, Statoil Retail, Apotek1, Synsam and Felleskjøpet, and has extensive experience in putting together teams that complement each other – and follows through.

– I think that one of my most important tasks as a senior advisor in Interimleder AS, in addition to finding the right interim managers for different companies, cultures and situations, is to make interim management visible as an active tool to develop the organization and management teams within Retail in particular. Retail has always been very dynamic and competitive due to constant market changes. Tough competition is common, and the rapid pace of change and the willingness to think new, see new solutions, put together the right people and see things with new eyes is essential to adhere to customers and owners demands.

Johan is also very good at networking and has over the years achieved a strong presence on LinkedIn.

– I like to speak my mind, create discussions and share experiences with others. That way I get a lot of valuable learning back, while keeping in contact with people I have met and worked with for many years. I also use LinkedIn to keep an eye out for talented people – both inside and outside of my network and take in how much we can learn from each other across both industries and corporate cultures.

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