InterimLeder and Deloitte present new and unique Exit Planning concept at breakfast meeting

On Thursday 23 October we held a breakfast meeting on Exit Planning. Here we presented our new and unique concept for the sale of companies, which was warmly received by the participants.

You can read more about the concept on our webpage dedicated to Exit Planning (in Norwegian), and even download an e-book on the subject. In short, Exit Planning is a proven process in four phases from preparations to sale.

Any Exit Planning process will start by going through the operational aspects of the company. What areas for improvement are there? What needs to be done before we can start the sales process? Here InterimLeder offers a health check of the business, at an affordable price, where an experienced interim manager with the right skills (not a consultant) scrutinises the company and submits a report to the management/owners.

Then the improvements have to be carried out. InterimLeder can offer the owners access to over 1400 highly qualified interim managers, and will help to find the right one to be involved in these improvements. (We are the only company in the market to offer this.)

The interim manager can also act as a project manager in the sales phase, where he/she will work with professional companies that can locate suitable buyers and complete the transaction. In the transition to new ownership, the interim manager could also take on a role as a bridge builder and thus be a key person in this stage.

The feedback was entirely positive, and several people put it this way: “That’s what was lacking in the market!”

Read more about Exit Planning and download the e-book here (in Norwegian)