Interim middle manager becomes top manager

During a reorganisation at Amesto Accounthouse, a need arose to cover the role of a middle manager until a permanent solution was in place. InterimLeder provided a very well-qualified interim manager in just a few days. One year later, she has become Managing Director of the Norwegian part of the business.

“This is a real success story,” said Erik Vaag, Managing Director of the finance company Amesto Accounthouse, with 170 employees in the Nordic region. Amesto Accounthouse is part of the Amesto Group, which has a turnover of about NOK 900 million.

Familiar concept at Coca-Cola

Vaag first heard about interim management as a concept when he was HR Director at Coca-Cola:

“Eight or ten years ago, interim management was premature as a concept in Norway, while in the Coca-Cola system it was a well-established tool. It was in Coca-Cola I first became familiar with InterimLeder AS, when we had an urgent need to fill the role of a supply chain manager. InterimLeder sent us a competent person at short notice, and we were very happy with the arrangement.”

From interim middle manager to senior manager

A year ago, Erik Vaag once again noted a need for middle management expertise, this time at Amesto Accounthouse.

“In a matter of days, we were presented with three candidates. The one we chose has been here for almost a year now, and has positioned herself so well that she has been appointed Managing Director of the Norwegian part of the company.”

Erik Vaag describes it all as a success story:

“When the situation calls for it, you need people who can walk straight into a job without special training. Obviously, the person must have the right experience and background. They’ve generally had a similar position before, but can take a step back and deliver a temporary solution. The interim manager we hired was overqualified for the position allocated to her, and the fact that she did such a good job that she’s been promoted to a level where she belongs is one big success story,” Vaag concluded.