Interim Management – also a great tool when not everything is going well!

We are currently in a situation that is challenging to many companies. The future looks more uncertain than we have been accustomed to and it is far from easy to predict where the road ahead will take us. What do you do when you either have to downscale or when you are uncertain about hiring someone new? Perhaps it is time to hire an Interim Manager?

The Interim Manager - someone who has been down this road before

An Interim Manager is a "positively over-qualified" and experienced manager who has done it all before. This allows them to go straight into a company and work from day one.

Interim Managers can add great value when it comes to turn-arounds in both small and large companies and can contribute to adding new expertise or capacity by taking responsibility for projects.

Perhaps the company needs to be quickly downscaled? Interim Managers come in from the outside and have no historical links to the company and no ambition for future permanent positions. 

As one customer said: "We have experienced excellent growth with the current manager but it is also clear that he is not the right person for downscaling the business. It goes against his very nature!"


One of the major advantages of using Interim Managers is flexibility. They can be in place in just ten days and the notice period is only one week. This means that you always have the leeway to change the situation if necessary. During uncertain times the company does not have to be bound by large, fixed costs.

How to find the right person?

We have a database comprising more than 1400 managers and the chances of finding just the right person for your situation are high. There is no charge for performing the search, so you should bring your challenge to us and we guarantee that you will quickly be able to access the expertise/experience you require.

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