How to make the company attractive to potential buyers

50,000 family-owned businesses will change owners over the next 10 years. In this video, Sverre Holen from InterimLeder explains how this can be done.


Any family-owned business will at some point reach a crossroads where the future of the company must be determined, as well as who will run it going forward. But when the children have no interest in taking over and a generation shift is not a relevant solution it is time to leave the market. This is where InterimLeder AS come in.

Making a company saleable

Tangible items such as residential property and industrial buildings can be sold in a relatively short period of time without major preparations. Companies, however, are more abstract and complex and require unique expertise, experience and patience.

"Our interim managers can enter companies and cultivate the characteristics and values that make them attractive to potential buyers", says Sverre Holen, CEO of InterimLeder AS.

The tasks frequently performed by interim managers during ownership changes include:

  • employee development
  • improving operations
  • preparing strategies for the sales process
  • preparing the company for the sale
  • acting as a project manager for the duration of the sales phase, internally and in dealings with solicitors, M&A, auditors, etc.

Ownership change processes should ideally take one to two years, but the expertise can be provided extremely quickly.

An interim manager in the job in just ten days

With a database of more than 1400 experienced interim managers and a smooth and secure selection process InterimLeder AS guarantees to deliver a qualified candidate in just ten days.

"What is most important to our clients is the security and positive results they achieve when using our interim managers. These are not juniors but experienced managers who have run their own companies and managed demanding projects and turnarounds. Our candidates are always qualified for the task and frequently "over-qualified"", Holen explains.