First change of ownership pilot has been completed

InterimLeder's newly developed and unique concept for change of ownership has now completed its first pilot. InterimLeder will now forcefully bring this to market for business owners who are considering selling their businesses and who want an optimum sales value.

Selling one's life's work is no minor decision. For most people it is a major step. Before signing the contract, there should be a good gut feeling, both in terms of who is taking over the company, what one is receiving in compensation, and for the entire process in general. However, that good gut feeling is only possible through solid groundwork.

InterimLeder's new change of ownership concept gives business owners a proven and carefully designed process, tools and expertise to safely guide the sales process home. The concept consists of 4 stages and starts with a ‘health check’ of the business.

The health check

The health check involves a review of the business by professional, operative, experienced people (not consultants) that have done this before. The health check leads to a report that both highlights the business's strong points, and also those areas one must change in order to ready the business for a sales process. InterimLeder also has highly qualified interim managers that can assist, or even carry out the required changes, alone or in cooperation with the current owners and/or managers.

The pilot

We have now completed the health check in a pilot business that has a turnover of approx. NOK 200 million. The owners have received a report identifying what is positive in the business and which areas that have to be ‘taken care of’ or changed in order to present the business's optimum value. The business is now in the process of hiring an interim manager who will put this into practice.

The purpose of a pilot was that we too could have feedback on what we can improve or change in the health check. This proved to be very instructive to us, and now we have a well-tested health check that can be quickly carried out in relevant businesses at a very reasonable cost.

The health check includes the following areas:

  • Management / key personnel
  • Internal environment survey
  • Finances
  • Tax / contracts / legal matters
  • Business strategies / values
  • Market and market development 
  • HSE / internal control
  • Organization / structure

Those participating in the group who have prepared and carried out the health check in the pilot business are interim managers: Carl Christian Tybring-Gjedde, Odd Bjørn Ur, Svein Aarvik, Håkan Martin Nordqvist, Stein Førland and Tor Lie.

InterimLeder AS will now bring this unique concept to the market, which until now is not offered by any other players.