Interimleder AS ads 2 new senior advisers after explosive growth

The last few months we’ve seen an explosive growth, not only here at Interimleder, but also in within Interim management in general. In other words, it seems to be exactly as Henning Vold, partner in Norvestor, anticipated August of 2021; the job market of the future is temporary - everything is interim. And with that, we’re strengthening our team, in an excellent way if we may say so ourselves, with two strong senior advisers: Heidi Hoftaniska and Johan Baklund.

ESG: The Emporer’s new clothes or «better well done»?

The Norwegian athlete and Olympic champion Karsten Warholm is known for stating “det er bedre med godt gjort enn godt sagt” which roughly translates into “better well done than well said”. Similarly, Linford Christie famously stated, "I will let my feet do the talking!" But what about the majority of sustainability businesses today? Do they think the same way?

The job market of the future is temporary: 'Everything is interim.'

Norvestor partner, Henning Vold, finds that the accelerating pace of change means that the current job market is practically temporary. In his presentation at Interimleder's 20th-anniversary seminar, he shared his thoughts on where this change stems from, as well as his experiences from developing entrepreneurial companies – and why interim management has particular relevance in these rapidly changing times.

Jon Sivert Nielsen joins Interimleder AS as Senior Adviser

With Jon Sivert Nielsen in place as senior adviser at Interimleder AS, we are further strengthening our team at a time when interim management and change management are an increasing part of the new labour market.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Values – building blocks for growth

Many companies put a lot of time and resources into defining their vision, mission, goals and values. The sooner this is done, the easier it is, and the greater the rewards. Unfortunately, too many start this work late when the business has "grown", and there is a need to create more structure. Fortunately, it is never too late. This article is for you who are about to embark on this crucial task.

Interimleder celebrates 20 years in the interim management industry

It was a dark and stormy night in the small Spanish port city of Nerja. A young German lady seeks shelter from the rain in a bar. There she strikes a conversation with a charming Norwegian who has just come from Cuba with a business idea to provide companies with senior executives on a temporary basis. Here begins the story of Interimleder AS, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.

What if this is the new normal?

No, I don´t believe that the current Corona measures will be permanent, but I am also certain that we will not return to the normal situation we had in January. When we experience a change, how long does it have to last before we consider it the new normal?

Are you prepared for the passing of the crisis?

The Corona crisis has hit many businesses very hard, and during a very short time, extensive measures have been implemented to ensure that companies will survive the crisis. Some have conducted large layoffs, others have reduced staff, and some have already gone out of business.

Regional Director of the VY Group, Linda Rode, became Interim Leader of the Year 2019

The remarkable thing about interim leaders is that they can go from industry to industry and succeed. The winner of the 2019 Interim Leader of the Year award is an excellent example of this. Linda Rode has entered a tough and masculine industry characterized by several significant changes and delivered results from day one.

Seven Tips For Remote Crisis Management

People are skyping, screen-sharing and emailing from their home offices. We have turned our sofas, kitchens and children's rooms into workstations – and replaced the watercooler talk with short walks, diaper change and homework help. It's tough enough to manage your workday and a “corona-stuck” family – so how do you lead an entire organization remotely?

Leadership in times of crisis: Think calmly, act methodically

"We have lost contact with SK686". My two colleagues from the SAS operation had burst into my office. I waited for a second for the relieving words "this is an exercise", but they never came.

Be prepared! Risk thinking in the time of Corona

All of us can use the scouts' motto. Now in the time of Corona —how well prepared are we, or were we? Did we see this risk coming? Some call Covid-19 the black swan of 2020. Others think this is thoroughly predictable and that we have no reason not to be prepared.

Building North-Europe’s Largest Convention Center with Help from Interim Management

In a little town called Melsomvik in Vestfold, Norway, a new convention center is being built. When the sun rises above the new Oslofjord Convention Center in 2021, the business and conference facility will be Northern Europe’s largest of its kind.

Two senior advisors join the team at Interimleder AS

2019 started with an all-time record of customer enquiries for interim leaders, coinciding with the engagement of two new senior advisors, Geir Erik Lian and Petter Quinsgaard.

Who will receive the award “Interim leader of the year 2017”?

12 great candidates, but only one winning the title “Interim leader of the year 2017". The candidate receiving this award will have distinguished them self in delivering results, adding value for the client, and can be defined as a role model for interim leadership.

- My vision is to make myself Obsolete

When the time between new emails in the inbox becomes steadily longer, Nils Agnar Brunborg knows that his job in a company has been completed. This means that decisions are being made much further down in the organisation and that he is about to become obsolete. Just the way he wants it.

A traditional boat trip with our key supporters

On Thursday August 31st we held our annual boat trip on Oslo Fjord for clients, interim managers and partners. The weather gods were less than obliging for the first part of the trip, but all the other ingredients for a great night on the fjord were in place!

Digitisation and a system change created a need for interim management

Tibnor is a company going through a period of change. An exciting change journey in the steel industry, which involves a need for enhanced digital and system expertise. When a key person in the department left, the newly appointed chief financial officer quickly realised the extent of the short-term needs, which coincided with the preparation of the annual accounts. The rescue was an interim finance manager with SAP experience.

Interim catalyst for internal IT boost

Sometimes the chemistry between the interim manager and the client is so right that it creates a very special energy. This was the case when Danica Pensjon brought in an interim manager for their IT department.

Interim Day 2017 - an experiential relay

An ex-athlete, two business leaders, a top sports coach and a professor will come together to form a relay team with a common goal: to share experiences and insights for the benefit and inspiration of managers on Interim Day 2017. Who has the fastest leg of the race? The smoothest change-over? The best organised race?

Mr Interim Manager Sverre Holen has passed away

It is with great sadness that we announce that Sverre Guttorm Holen passed away peacefully after a long illness on Wednesday 11 January 2017.

Requested help to lift accounting firm into the clouds

The accounting firm was struggling to make its mark in an industry in upheaval, and needed a business developer to implement forward-looking measures for the company. From the pile of applicants, one candidate stood out by virtue of his sincere desire to make a big difference to a small firm.

Change management in the public sector

As a former officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Tor Hylin has broad experience. This spans military management and strategic crisis management in Afghanistan to the international, political climate at the NATO HQ in Brussels. An experience base that he has made great use of as an interim manager.

Employment in the future will be different to now, and the future is already here

Everything indicates that the future of employment will include more senior citizens in gainful employment than now, with those over 50-55 currently struggling to find work. There will also be far more freelancers or "ad-hoc employees" than today. Flexibility will also be a key word – whether we like it or not!

Interim management as a springboard for a new job

As Director of Sales and Marketing Training in pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Kari Salvesen Mørk had a busy schedule with much of her time spent travelling. When the company decided to move her post to Zurich, Kari decided to step down. An exciting opportunity as interim manager in the same sector became the springboard for a permanent position as sales and marketing manager at Unilabs.

The life of an interim leader: quickly in and quickly out

In today’s business where change is the norm, an organisation with a loose structure may be the best idea. Tor Peter Barfod is just finishing off a three-month project where he was made redundant by the changes that took place. “That’s a good argument for hiring temporary managers,” says Barfod, who has already accepted a new position in another company. 

Hundreds of managers are ready for assignment right now

Many businesses sooner or later arrive at a situation where a manager is needed quickly – more quickly than traditional recruitment will allow. But how do you solve it?

Seminar on interim management: European trends

Surveys in Germany show that on average companies that have used interim managers get 5 euro back for every euro an interim manager has cost them. This was one of the conclusions of the seminar that InterimLeder organised for its interim managers on Friday 6 November.

Why are we not employing older interim managers?

In Norway it is often the case that when you have passed 50-55 years of age you are considered too old to be employed in a management position. Is this sensible?

"Interim management has excellent potential in Norway"

Jon Erling Tenvik has been in management for more than three decades. In the 1980s he served as an officer in the Norwegian Navy on frigates and patrol boats. He is now changing course as an interim manager. "There is still plenty of work to do in order to communicate the benefits of interim management, Tenvik says.

- Interim Managers are quick to read the organisation

With more than 30 years of experience as a manager for a number of companies, Per Nygaard has managed many organisations through challenging restructuring processes. One of the things he has learned how to do is to quickly read the organisation, which he believes to be a major strength for managers wishing to generate results in a short time.

Interim Management – also a great tool when not everything is going well!

We are currently in a situation that is challenging to many companies. The future looks more uncertain than we have been accustomed to and it is far from easy to predict where the road ahead will take us. What do you do when you either have to downscale or when you are uncertain about hiring someone new? Perhaps it is time to hire an Interim Manager?

A little less conversation, a little more action

After completing his last interim management assignemnt, Tor Erik Westvik was offered a permanent position. He politely declined the offer. An administrative role was not his cup of tea. Action is what he needs!

Seminar for interim managers, 13 March 2015

Our interim managers are a major asset for both ourselves and our clients. Without Norway's most skilful interim managers, we would not have succeeded. On 13 March, we held a seminar for about 30 of our interim managers.

- Management teams need a 'devil's advocate'

As an experienced interim manager with international service, Lene Holstad has a few reflections about communication and practical management, from which she thinks many Norwegian management teams could derive great benefit.

What is the difference between interim management and management for hire?

Management for hire and interim management are terms that often used interchangeably. What are the actual differences?

InterimLeder launches blog

"We often hear about how interim management is a valuable tool to keep in your toolbox. After an interim manager has been with a company for a while the client frequently responds: "I cannot believe we didn't think of this sooner!," this exclamation may come from a representative of the board of directors, the owner of a company or their representative, the CEO, line manager or HR Manager. Our new blog will allow us get our message across to even more people," says Vegard Rooth, CEO of InterimLe

My job as an interim manager is to deliver improved cash flow

Interim Manager Bjørn Gunnar Aase wants to disprove a couple of management myths: That it takes a long time to get an experienced manager in place and that using interim management means incurring additional costs.

Vegard Rooth will step up as the new CEO of InterimLeder AS

There are exciting developments ahead at InterimLeder AS and the use of interim management looks set to increase strongly in the coming years. For this reason the Board of Directors has chosen to employ a new, dynamic and experienced manager as its CEO. Vegard Rooth will take over the role from 1 January 2015.

Interim manager and "Jack of all trades"

As a child, Hellek Bråthen dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot. He grew up to become a business economist and gets his adrenaline rush by working as an interim manager. He has just completed a successful project as an interim CFO with SF Kino and is looking forward to enjoying a few days in the mountains.

InterimLeder and Deloitte present new and unique Exit Planning concept at breakfast meeting

On Thursday 23 October we held a breakfast meeting on Exit Planning. Here we presented our new and unique concept for the sale of companies, which was warmly received by the participants.

Headhunted by young and promising new company

When Inge Flaten was 13 years old, he decided he wanted to be a social economist. His interest in technology and people later resulted in various management positions in the sector. Today he has been hired as the interim CEO of Aptomar, an exciting entrepreneurial company that provides the technology to detect oil spills at sea.

Interim middle manager becomes top manager

During a reorganisation at Amesto Accounthouse, a need arose to cover the role of a middle manager until a permanent solution was in place. InterimLeder provided a very well-qualified interim manager in just a few days. One year later, she has become Managing Director of the Norwegian part of the business.

From Dubai to Svalbard with project management expertise in his briefcase

After he initially contacted InterimLeder it just took one week before Ramond Johansen was sitting on a flight to Svalbard. His destination was Store Norske (a coal mining company), where he was going to take on an interim management role in respect of a project relating to the construction of the new Lunckefjell Mine.

InterimLeder moves to new premises in the centre of Oslo

Last week Managing Director Sverre Holen was able to stroll just a few hundred metres in the August sunshine to Rådhusbrygge no. 2 where the MS Kustos was waiting to set sail on the annual boat trip for interim managers. Because after 14 years in Skullerud, InterimLeder has now moved into the centre of Oslo. 

The use of interim managers – a cost or an investment?

What does it mean for a company to appoint an interim manager? Is there a high cost that exceeds that which would arise if the position were a permanent one? Or is it an investment that gives value for money? These are legitimate questions that many are asking. We've looked a bit at the numbers and the answers might well surprise you

Interim management is like climbing a rock face without a rope

“It’s OK to climb a rock face when the top rope is hanging there. That’s a luxury you don’t often have as an interim manager. But that’s what makes it all so exciting”, says Sigbjørn Modalsli, M.Sc. He has recently “climbed a rock face without a rope”, as interim leader of a major logistics company.  

Interim manager in the pharmaceutical industry: “I am most comfortable in a storm”

An autumn evening in 2013 when Bertil Andersson was googling around, InterimLeder popped onto the screen. A couple of clicks later, he was registered in the database along with more than 1,400 interim managers, and only a few weeks later, the experienced pharma man took on the task of managing Thermo Fisher's largest international team. 

First change of ownership pilot has been completed

InterimLeder's newly developed and unique concept for change of ownership has now completed its first pilot. InterimLeder will now forcefully bring this to market for business owners who are considering selling their businesses and who want an optimum sales value.

More objective decisions as an interim manager

Radical winds were blowing across the country when Bjørn Delbæk started his leadership career in the Norwegian Armed Forces in 1971. Four decades later he can look back on a rich period of his life - but still feels that his best period is the one he is experiencing now, as an interim manager.

Does your HR toolbox include interim management?

You will experience many challenging situations as a HR manager. What do you do when the financial director goes on long-term sick leave in the middle of the annual report process? What do you do when a manager disappears overnight or the marketing manager is suddenly no longer there?

First interim manager assignment: I have had no regrets!

Rune Østerhaug has been a senior manager since the year teletext was launched and has had an exciting career from the gold rush in the PC industry in the 80s until taking time out to think in 2012. The result of this was that he became an interim manager, a decision about which he has no regrets.

InterimLeder has introduced itself to the venture industry

On 15 October InterimLeder participated as an exhibitor at Norwegian Investment Forum, the largest venture conference in Norway to present our concept to venture companies.

Stig Herbern is the new chairman of the board of InterimLeder

With founder and investor Stig Herbern on board as the new chairman, InterimLeder has put together a robust board structure.

- The baton must always be passed on

Vegard Rooth is a competitive person "to the bone". The previous Norwegian relay record, which stood until last year, testifies of his background as an elite athlete. Now the track has been replaced by the boardroom but his views of management being a team sport remain unchanged.

A summer outing with our interim managers

It was a sunny afternoon, Wednesday 28 August, when "Kustos" set sail from Rådhusbrygge no. 2. 30 interim managers and employees of InterimLeder AS could be found onboard.

Frydenberg: - Interim management is the short-term fix with the best effect

Former CEO of Posten, Kaare Frydenberg, has worked as a manager for 36 years and has been involved in the hiring of numerous interim managers. When an urgent management need arises, there is no doubt in his mind that interim management is the best solution.

Looking for managers? Don't make these mistakes

9 out of 10 companies looking for senior management quickly walk into one of these traps.

Interview: Revelling in the freedom of being an interim manager

Øyvind Trønsdal (56) has carried out several assignments for InterimLeder AS and, following a long career in management, he has found his "dream existence" as an interim manager.

Heading for a record turnover in 2013

"There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man." The words of Sean Connery could not have been truer for InterimLeder's CEO when the crisis came knocking in 2012.

European trends in interim management

We have looked to Germany and the UK to discover developments within interim management outside of our country.

How to make the company attractive to potential buyers

50,000 family-owned businesses will change owners over the next 10 years. In this video, Sverre Holen from InterimLeder explains how this can be done.

InterimLeder at Energikonferansen, 28-29 May

InterimLeder participated with a stand at a two-day conference for the energy industry arranged by EnergiNorge at Oslo Plaza on 28 and 29 May.

Nordic cooperation allows our Norwegian customers to select the best interim managers from the top of the pile

InterimLeder AS is a co-founder and member of Nordic Interim Partners (NIP) which consists of the leading interim management companies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

10 tips for hiring an interim manager

Are you considering hiring an interim manager? Here you can find 10 tips for moving ahead with the process.

Ledernytt: Employ managers for a fixed term!

A world experiencing constant rapid change also means that companies' needs for expertise are rapidly changing. How can the company ensure that they are recruiting the right manager?

InterimLeder AS has a unique opportunity for companies that are planning a change of ownership

Over the next ten years Norwegian SME companies will experience 50,000 changes of ownership. Change of ownership is a very important process and it is often a "life's work" that is coming to an end How can this be done in a way which maximises profits whilst providing tax advantages and also being legally correct?

How to succeed as an interim leader

Being an interim manager is a special job. You will enter a new business with which you are unfamiliar. The customer has high expectations and you must be operational from day one - literally. How to succeed in such a situation? Here you can find 10 crucial things that an interim manager must do in order to succeed. The advice has been compiled by one of our experienced interim managers, Ulf Deinoff.