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Why Choose an Interim Manager?

The right person on the job in just ten days

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Thanks to our unique matching process, our portfolio of more than 2 000 interim managers and the extensive expertise we have amassed in this field since our inception in 2001, we can guarantee to have an experienced interim manager in place in your company in just ten days.

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The safest solution

The speed and momentum of change in the international business sector is placing high demands on Norwegian companies. Not only do you have to be able to obtain expertise quickly, you also need the best brains to remain competitive. Interim management allows you to pick from the top shelf rather than taking expensive short cuts.

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You will quickly see the results

Since our interim managers are favourably over-qualified, they do not require extensive training. They quickly obtain an overview and start producing results immediately. They are fully dedicated to the company and, since they are brought in from the outside, they have no need to make career moves

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Meeting your needs regardless of the situation

Whether you need to fill a gap in your organisation or require specialist expertise or management for a particularly demanding phase, we can provide interim managers with experience of most industries and scenarios.
Most assignments fall into one of three main areas:
Gap Management Turnaround Management Project Management Exit Planning 

Zero risk

Employing a new manager is one of the most most significant investments a company can make. Interim management is virtually risk-free and does not involve any hidden costs or severance pay.

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